Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars




A Clash of Clans starring Greek gods


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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a strategy game that’s practically identical to Clash of Clans in which players build their own operations base and attack other players’ bases. Along the way, you can summon more than 100 different heroes, each with his own special abilities.

The game system in Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is exactly the same as Clash of Clans: you build different types of buildings on your base so you can get resources, recruit troops, and defend the rest of your buildings from invader attacks.

Although defending your base is important, attacking enemy bases is equally crucial. To do so you'll need to recruit legendary heroes, among whom you'll find characters from every imaginable historical epoch – from mythic gods to ninjas or pirates, all of them always ready for action.

Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a mediocre strategy game that doesn't offer anything new. In short, the game simply imitates Clash of Clans without contributing anything of note to an already over-exploited formula.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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